About Me

Hi there,

I am Ambarish Kumar, owner and writer on this blog. I am a regular Debian user and have this habit of trying out various Linux distributions.

For a new users, it's not always possible to install a Linux Distribution or to create a live USB to try it. In that case, VirtualBox provides a great way of testing and trying something before actually replacing the primary OS.

In this blog installdistros.com, I have tried covering installation and tweaking of various distributions I lay my hands on. The articles cover detailed step-by-step guide of installing a Linux distribution with images and can be very useful to those who want to make switch from the *proprietary* Windows OS to a Free and Open Source one!

Coming back to me, I am a Computer Science graduated based in India and working for a MNC as a DevOps engineer. You can always reach out to me at bloggingwithmb@gmail.com. If you are more curious about me, a little bit of search will help you in finding me on different social media.

Thank you!


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